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Importer and exporter brazilian company

Brazilian trading company offers foreign trade international market solutions in importing, exporting and marketing products

With its performance focused on international trade, ABP is an importer and exporter company settled in Porto Alegre and Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, operating with representatives and partners in american, european, asiatic and african continents.

Using state-of-the-art technological resources, a constant and updated net of information, with commercial activity in several countries over the world, ABP offers a reliable and productive partnership in this new world commercial integration time.

Our mission is giving solutions in international trade and promoting and marketing successful products in all coutries in the world.

With the safety, speed, efficiency and quality that our customers and partners need.

Av. Dr. Severo da Silva, 419, Loja 01
Bairro Bela Vista
Canoas, RS, Brasil
CEP: 92025-730

Fone/Fax: +55-51-3059.4640

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